Alex Torres

Alex Torres, M.S. is an Expert Mindset Coach, a Motivational Speaker passionate about transforming an individual's life from self-sabotaging and oppressing patterns to a

fulfilled life, teeming with confidence. Ms. Torres holds a B.S. Degree in Social Services, and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Phoenix. Ms. Torres is also a Certified Life Coach,

whose own life is a testament to the power of transformation. Alex's personal story of pain and survival has fueled her passion to help others.

A ten-year veteran working in human services, in correctional facilities, and with at-risk youth, are just a few examples of Alex sharing the tools she learned to transform her own life with others.


Alex Torres is also an entrepreneur and business owner. Alex is CEO of Vitality Life and founder of the Central Valley's exclusive organization, The Latina Connection. She launched The Latina Connection in 2017 moved with a desire to create a community of Chingona Boss Babes that value personal and professional development.


Sonia Arreguin

Sonia Gardea- Arreguin, is a native of Salinas, California. She graduated from Cal State University, Monterey Bay with a Bachelor of Arts in Collaborative Human Services. She then moved to Fresno, California in 2006 to complete her master’s degree in Social Work from Fresno State University and is currently in a PhD program at Sofia University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) providing mental health services and most recently became certified as a Life Coach through (insert) and is planning on working with women who are navigating through life transitions. 

Sonia has a passion for being of service and is committed to strengthening our community through advocacy, education and leadership. She is currently serving as the President of the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, sits on the board of RAWW (Real Authentic Women’s Wellness) has been the Co-Chair for the Latina Women’s Conference, and is on the planning committee for The Chingona Fest.


Despite her accomplishments, Sonia believes her most important role is being a wife to her husband of 26 years and mother to her their 22 year old daughter. Within the last few years, Sonia and her husband have experienced being both empty nesters and “boomerang” parents after their daughter had to move back home from college due the recent pandemic. It is during this time that they quickly realized that parenting doesn’t stop after the children leave the nest; it just takes on a different form, but honoring traditional values is always important in the journey.