The Latina Connection  

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We have united to help professional Latinas thrive, prosper, and succeed holistically.


The Vision

Develop innovative Latinas and empower them to become conscious and intentional women. Grow their business, and offer a platform to enhance their purpose, and develop their wealth stream.

We are here to disrupt , innovate, and restore connection. Our goal is to elevate one another and create a culture of sustainable creativity. There is more to being a latina business/ professional woman and it's not taught in schools. This mindset needs to be introduced as a growth and success tool.

“Don't let being a woman hold you back from the leader that you're destined to be.”


We want to help you elevate and thrive by focusing on these areas:

  • Organic visibility that leads to more connections and a bigger contribution.

  • Professional growth workshops that target vital areas of life; business/professional career, health & lifestyle, emotional and mental well-being, relationships and, wealth.

  • Provide essential resources, access to innovative leaders, and forward driven opportunities.

  • Create a Life that is full of fun and infinite possibilities.

We host quarterly brunches on personal and professional development as well as opportunities for connecting in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Our workshops are hosted by our members and we have a very diverse group of Latina professionals and experts in their field.